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Are you trying to get to that fitness goal?

You may have seen my earlier post about reaching a particular target distance on the Concept 2 rowing machine log

Well I’m still working on it and now have another target to reach.  I was pleased to manage one of the simpler targets recently.

To average below 22 minutes to cover 5kmIMG_3759

In the manner of all those who try and look on the bright side of things I have not included any photos of those days where this target is just that, a target and an unmet aspiration.

Now the idea is Small Material Actions Reaching Target SMART.

More usually the senior motivators at all those training conferences talk about

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Timing

SMART targets


For me its just about getting to the gym and finding something to encourage me when its yet another Monday Morning.  An earlier post  covers some of the thoughts that have occurred whilst tackling that row


I must admit however, that it had never occurred to me to climb the Matterhorn whilst carrying a Concept2 Rowing machine on my back.


And instead of getting praise for his energy and commitment it sparked angry messages with a reference to Brexit.

The event was apparently organised to raise money  for the Rock 2 Recovery which can be contacted via the link below


Inspiring the fight against stress in our armed forces, veterans and their families

This is a free service for Serving Members of the Armed Forces, Veterans of the Armed Forces and their families

So while I aim to just keep fit it is obvious that life for others can be very tough.

May I encourage you all to offer support to those whom you meet and need help.  Additionally don’t forget to “Count your blessings one by one”


Ps I’m not fit enough to get to the Matterhorn so the featured picture is of Mount Athos in Greece- which can be seen from a boat.

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