Photograph-It’ll just be 30 minutes

How often are you tasked with jobs to do.  Those simple but essential tasks.? How often do those tasks have an unstated other effect.  I mean peeling potatoes- apparently a favourite tasks for the new soldiers who were drafted for their year of National Service-to potatoes that is.

This is cutting the grass.  Simple enough when you can get the lawn mower going and you have managed to check that there is enough petrol for the job.  Some grass lawns takes more than others


So have you seen the little logo on the lawnmower ?IMG_0854 (1).JPG

The little symbol says 96 dB.  I was told by a friend that to avoid hearing loss you should wear hearing protection for any task with a level greater than 80dB.  Apparently the HSE advise that you can be exposed to 80dB  for 8 hours.  Every 4 dB increase halves the time of safe exposure.

So the mathematicians will have composed the following table in a flash

  • 84dB 4 hours
  • 88dB 2 hours
  • 92dB 1 hour
  • 96dB O.5 hours

So as the title indicates that grass cut should only last 30 minutes even with hearing protection.  Sadly in our society deafness is not properly recognised as a disability.

See the advert from SpecSavers

Society tend to think he’s daft not deaf.

So now you can either claim deafness or the need to protect your hearing when cutting all that grass does not appeal.

So you can sit in the garden with your friend.  Unless you also need to go to the optician that is.



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