Photography-London Bu(s)zz-old and new

London is a place full of busses- as well as buzz.  I’ll explain laterIMG_5422


The politicians don’t have to worry as they have been given another 5 weeks break


Shame that the politicians are not so sure about steady even if they have been slow

There is also a lot of Buzz coming from certain places- or there was until last night when Parliament was suspended (prorogued ) until 14 October 2019


The whole place seems to be pivoting on a pointed stick- ready to topple in any direction at any moment.


The fact that there are barriers and the River Thames between us and the Houses of Parliament is not a coincidence.

I am not sure if this will give them more time to indulge a hobby of painting buses.! See below for the interview that Boris Johnson gave to the BBC.

For my part I attach equal if not more  importance to the other Buzz coming from London. That of commerce and economic activity.  You will notice in the first 3 pictures that there were cranes to be seen.  Fortunately there is quite a bit of that happening all over London.

We went to Coal Drop Yard near Kings Cross and were amazed at the level of building work going on.  It was originally the way coal for all those home fires was delivered.   As this was the main source of heating for all houses it was quite an industry.  There is more about  coal fired heating in my piece about chimneys.  Photography- Chimneys



The gasometer buildings- luxury flats built within the structure of old gas storage gasometers.

For my part, whilst I would like to try living in such a vibrant part of London, my main hope of achieving this would be a win on the National Lottery.  Suggest you keep watching on Saturdays and Wednesdays.  In the meantime I hope that this has inspired you to visit other parts of London now that you have retired.

I will return with more photos of Coal Drop Yard in the next blog

In the meantime here are some interesting links


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