Photography-Google Inspired

The name Google has become ubiquitous in our language- a true sign of how central it has become.  Remember when Hoover was the same- a brand name, a noun and a verb all at the same time.

It was therefore quite inspiring to visit Coal Drops Yard near Kings Cross, London.  This is the site of the current offices.



What was also inspiring was to see how the local area was set out to encourage socialising and interactions.  See the grass, the fountains not to mention the many bars restaurants and coffee shops. Green spaces and out doors encouraging a free ranging approach to new ideas.

Google  obviously have an optimistic view of the future as they are currently building more office blocks.  Not 1 but 6 all in a row and of gradually  increasing height, I believe from 6 to 12 stories high by the end. IMG_0982IMG_0983-1-2452684526-1568142449364.jpgIMG_0980IMG_0981IMG_1056IMG_0984



What is more interesting that the Wellcome Foundation Offices are not that far away as is the NHS medical data analysis centre.  Not sure what the plans are but this is an interesting juxtaposition.

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