Photography- Victorian Gothic

We have John Betjeman to thank for saving this St Pancras Station London a Grade 1 listed building-much more than just a station.  A recent visit confirmed – it is a priceless Victorian station/ no palace!- dedicated to the travelling public


John Betjeman was the poet laureate and was key in saving this amazing Victorian station.  If one did not know about the train and tracks it could pass as a cathedral by its size and style.

Here are a few more photos


Then there is the famous statues of the kissing couple.


There is a very interesting collection of sculptures around the base.  There is a youtube video that shows this very well

The couple show that most tender moment, saying goodbye before a journey

And as ever there are several nice cafes, here is a photograph from the one we stopped at with the statue of John Betjeman looking upwards.

IMG_0975 If we had been a little more flush then just near the Eurostar platform  is the worlds longest champagne bar.   Just ready for that trip to a European Capital.

One just hopes that we’ll also be off on Eurostar, that is if Brexit does not cause travel chaos.




I think the caption under the classic Dent clock says it all

“I want my time with you”  designed by Tracey Emin.

Although not acclaimed by all, it is a special  because the message is timeless.


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