Inspire-Brexit-Don’t panic

It was meant to be a routine shop.

Step 1 Order a copy of David Cameron’s book.  I wanted to understand how the country  got into this situation

2 Get milk and other essentials.


3 Noticed that the store was down to last jar of Mango Chutney

4 Recalled article in Telegraph about possible shortages of toilet paper.

Saw last pack on the shelves and so decide to buy


5 Saw other articles about shortages

6 Decided to look up Goverment article on Operation Yellow Hammer

Yellowhammer Factsheet

7 Luckily we had been on a recent visit to brewery.  This was so that we knew how things should be done.  After reading  the briefings kept recalling  old saying about

” P**s up in a Brewery”

8 Whilst paying for groceries I was given voucher for vegetable cookbook to use for items grown in an allotment.  Not sure why,  but phrase ” digging for victory” came to mind

Strong images of Corporal Jones in Dads Army saying ” Dont Panic”

9  Go home and pour a stiff Gin – no lemons and on last bottle of tonic

10 Find box set of Dad’s Army and glory in the ways things used to be-

Is progress moving forward or going round and round?

Also found a link to the song Keep Smiling through performed by The Co-operative Funeralcare Band NorthWest.

I hope this lights up your day and Don’t Panic.

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