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Pride and Prejudice are key ingredients for a good blog and fortunately the location for this blog links all these aspects at one geographic site.  This is Basildon Park a National Trust house in the Thames Valley.

There is also a key link as Pride and Prejudice was filmed here.  Jane Austen that blogger/author  of a bygone era had written the story in 1813.  However just to bring matters up to date the filming had the famous scene when Colin Firth went swimming in the lake- nude.  See blogging is just the same, give the audience something to twitter and swoon about.

For those who want to see the scene I believe the link below show the relevant parts (view with caution if you want to preserve your innocence)

There is also a famous scene from the front balcony


Inside is just as grand and shows how the 2nd Baron and Lady Iliffe undertook to restore the damage done whilst the house had been requisitioned during World War 2.


The Iliffe fortunes are apparently linked to their media empire, Iliffe Media so it is very relevant to mention blogging  which is the latest method of conveying the news. It is just that we all do it now and every minute or every day.

Wikepedia states that between 1834 and 1835 the future Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was a frequent visitor and had Henrietta Sykes ( wife of the owner) as his lover.  There must have been some Pride in this.  Prejudice however took over  because  Henrietta Sykes also had another lover a painter Daniel Maclise.  This caused a real storm.  Charles Dickens was a friend of Daniel Maclise  and  Sir Francis Sykes formed the basis for the character Bill Sykes in novel Oliver Twist.

And you thought that writing/blogging and social media were a new development!

We were even advised of the bedrooms where it was all supposed to have happened.


I did look carefully but, and of interest to those well versed in current affairs, I didn’t see any red wine.

After finishing the house we did some forest bathing- (no I did not try and copy Colin Firth!). This is the posh word for a walk in the woods (and no birds and the bees moments either!)

So I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and give it a “like”

Sometimes I feel that I am blogging till the cows come home– that’s why there are so many cows in those last few photos.

Sadly the “likes” I get are not worth anything except Pride.

However those who are Prejudiced against the methane releasing effects of animals may feel that to blog till the cows come home is to avoid discussing a  key cause of climate change. 

Perhaps we need to devise a system where “Likes”  are traded for “Carbon Credits” which is a way of paying those who don’t produce gas.  ie  hot air,- which is what  people who don’t blog, use to describe blogging

See my piece about climate choices Photography-Climate Choices

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