Photography-Pilgrimage, Reconciliation

Does the 14 November 1940 hold special significance for you?.  For those who know the history, it was the day that Coventry cathedral was bombed and destroyed.  Apparently the raid lasted 11 hours.  We visited recently and the photographs show that event.  I will have a second piece covering the rebuilt cathedral

The you walk into what was a cathedral and see what was left behind



There is a very striking altar with a message for all of us


There are also some highly symbolic sculptures.  The concrete casting of Christ was done by Alain John when he was 18.  He went on to serve as an RAF Navigator and was killed in action in 1943 age 23.


The Epstein Sculpture Ecce Homo was made between 1934-5 and represents Christ with his hands bound and a crown of thorns before he appears in front of Pilate.


Finally there is the sculpture ReconciliationIMG_9884IMG_9886

In current times with lots of highly charged emotions I would urge all to visit Coventry Cathedral. and take time to pause and reflect.  It shows what happen in the past and a response which should be an example to all in such circumstances.

IMG_9909 (2)


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