Photography-Coventry Cathedral

I hope that you have read the piece about the destruction of Coventry Cathedral in 1940.  Photography-Pilgrimage, Reconciliation

This piece concentrates on the reconstructed cathedral which was built between 1956 and 1962.  We had wanted to visit because we had seen the Graham Sutherland tapestry at Basildon Park.  The originals above the altar are even more striking




There is the very striking Cross which is made from 2 metal spurs that were found amongst the ruins of the old cathedral in 1940. They also fashioned a cross from 2 burnt  beams


There is a striking sculpture outside the cathedral which is called St Michaels victory over the Devil

There are also beautiful stained glass windows all along the length of the cathedral


At the end of the nave there is a striking etched glass window


The outside of the cathedral is also very striking


I am not sure if you have ever attended a choral Evensong.  Having done so at Coventry Cathedral I can strongly recommend it.  There was a strong feeling of what we are missing and the choir delivered a very serene and religious set of hymns and psalms.  The readings were also very apt and did make one stop and consider what we fail to appreciate on a daily basis.  Most striking was that this cathedral, so central to the city relies on donations and collections during the services to fund all their services.

In the light of this the sign of welcome that they had at the door was even more striking.  IMG_9960

It was also important to see the marker that was in the gardens next to the Cathedral.  Note able that there were inscriptions in English, German and Japanese




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    • Hello, Thank you for your comment. I liked it as well. I cant claim any role in it being written. However its simple message than, no matter your background, situation, or beliefs, we are fundamentally all the same is not heard often enough. I hope that you and everyone else who sees it will pass it on
      Thanks again

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