Photography-Are we there yet? part 2

This is where I have attempted to update that long journey to the destination Brexit in the manner of a journey along the A303

Do you recall that cry from the back bench/those who are vocal in their views.  They ask when one is due to arrive when the journey has barely started

There are the various types of road to be navigated and the EU was only started in 1945 as the European Coal and Steel Community.  Just as the roads, its been upgraded over time and is now aiming to be a super highway to a superstate.  However they have over looked the single lane carriageways left on some key issues.

The late Terry Wogan talked about a traffic cone farm on the M6 – certainly the EU has written arcane documents with titles of M6

see Google on

They have also produced milk lakes, wine lagoons and butter mountains in their time.  So we do know how bureaucratic rules can turn smooth running processes into hold ups.

So within the EU, the plan to  fly single handed from Popham airport and around the world in a open cockpit gyrocopter would be frowned upon as not following best  air safety practice and regulations.  In typical manner it was a Briton who undertook and completed this challenge

Turning to the Thruxton race track,  well we certainly see an attempt by the regulators to get large economies to dance to their tune as did the S class Mercedes.  Being a German car it was no doubt fitted with the appropriate systems to achieve this.  Getting to a  speed of  127 mph (sorry 204.387kph) was quite normal on the straights when all was going smoothly  The referendum result of June 2016 however must have felt like stamping on the brakes to pass the chicane at 30mph (48.2803kph).  Not sure who was working the ABS brakes but it all came to a shuddering stop

So the 3 year journey continues. If you want to pass the time look out for how many EU lorries you pass.  Or how many of the cars are European Makes:- Mercedes. VW, BMW, or Renault, Citroen, and so on.  You only can get points when you spot a wholly British make- sadly so many of the makes are made from imported components.


Stonehenge is the Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, of the EU all combined.  One place not several.  Not sure how many visit but Eurostar does now run direct train services to several of these cities. In a democracy access for all means that 1.5 million visit Stonehenge every year- as would be expected of a World Heritage site.

Not sure how fast the EU process is going but certainly Brexit has applied the breaks to many new developments.  We already have the Eurotunnel (ahead of Stonehenge) however there seem to be plenty of risk of a slowing of  progress through that border -perhaps they will go backwards to get the single carriageway road equivalent after all.

The behaviour of people pushing into your lane at the last minute seems endemic.  Not sure if the recent changes of status for the UK  will make that more or less likely-I’ll let you come to your own conclusions

And so  4000 + years later we have an ancient and unexplained institution that gives prominence to the rising and setting of the sun.

This would be entirely in line with the green energy protocols.  All those requirements to have special low energy light bulbs and low energy kettles cannot have been in vain.  Just hope the hot air and wind keeps blowing to keep those wind turbines still turning.

I hope I have inspired you to see that the current political situation is in many ways nothing new and variants of this have been happening for years and year and will continue for years to come.





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