Photography-More tea vicar?

Having looked at quite a few blogs I am starting to appreciate that its all about making contact.  Some of the pieces are about inspiring others to go travel, see places or try new things.  I keep thinking that all those blogs about fitness must be possible but the reality is not much changes despite time going on.  Some of the other stories are very sad and the heartbreak comes across all to clearly.  I can only hope that with time the hurt may decrease a little.

It was from this point that the sign I saw for “More Tea Vicar” seemed so important.  It was a meeting that the church organised for a community to meet up.

Also on my travels I saw a few other pictures which seemed relevant to telling this story


There was a TomTom Car mapping the route. Watch out if you are a pedestrian


Or you can use that classic car you’ve always promised yourself


You can speed along by tube


Suddenly the platform is empty and the train is ready to leave


Then there is the unexpected


Life moves on and I hope these pictures convey a good way to respond to these unexpected blocks


One can look down 


Or one can look up.  Even the dark clouds can be striking and beautiful


This says it all and was on somebody’s car.  Obviously a pride and joy

IMG_0873 (1)

I saw this memorial at RHS Wisley and deeply appreciate the message.  Also it seems that Mr de Soissons did not experience the 70 years  we are said to be due.  May he rest in peace.


I hope that I have inspired you to see the beauty in all that there is around us.  Even the dark clouds convey  a different view- after all if it was always a sunny day we would tend not to appreciate that after a while.

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