Photography-Regent Canal London

Transport continues to evolve.  These are photographs I took while visiting Kings Cross, St Pancras.  The Regent Canal was started in 1812 after an act of Parliament and the first section opened in 1816

It will be 200 years old in 2020 see below for more details


Nearby is St Pancras station which was the terminus for the London Midland Railway.  Now it houses Eurostar with trains to the mainland Europe


Not much further away is Kings Cross which was terminus for the Great Northern Railway.

Also if one looks closely one can see the BT tower- in the 1960’s this was the communications hub for the UK



Reflection of the BT tower in one of the nearby office buildings


Over just 150 years however communications has moved on from water based canals to steam railway to microwaves. And even now microwave systems are being viewed as out of date.  Remember the speech delay with international satellite calls?

Most recently we have the internet-using data and fibre cables. The use of virtual reality may well mean that travel actually decreases- and giving one a feel-good feeling for avoiding all that global warming?


One cannot foresee how this will go in the future.  However actually visiting a place does give you that unique experience which can’t fully be replicated by other means.

Just observe Stonehenge at dusk or imagine the experience of a summer solstice at sunrise or sunset.


IMG_7433 (3)IMG_0068

For the sunsets what better than Cornwall.  There is no way to create the same experience as this sunset by Virtual Reality.


I hope this inspires you to enjoy your retirement and the opportunity to travel- whilst one still can.


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