Inspire- Every little helps/matters

Life can be quite routine yet as the saying goes “Every Little Helps”.  Apologies to Tesco as they do not have sole control of this aspect of human behaviour.

The car needed fuel so off to the Shell Garage we went and as newly signed up to Shell GO- it was pleasing to be offered a £2.0 reduction on my fuel.  A small amount but it is always welcome.

The garage also had a promotion to promote their new Costa coffee dispensing machine. A free coffee again just adds to that that feel good factor.

Most importantly however the lady serving was welcoming and smiled as the processed the transaction.

Onto the Post office and although the postage had been paid before on line she managed to say a cheerful and welcoming good morning.

Then to drop some items off at one off the local charity shops.  The person working there was shorter than me and asked for help to put a very decorative glass vase up on a high shelf.  The way she asked made me feel that I was adding something to their shop.

Finally at the Marks and Spencer Food supermarket, the sales assistant who checked our order did so with enthusiasm and a happy smile.

I had chosen to return to Marks and Spencer Food because at another branch one of their assistants had helped me for over 20 minutes.  It was another shopper who helpfully pointed out that the self service till had decided that I had bought 2 packs of sandwiches when in fact it was only one.  The assistant took time to correct this and multiple attempts.  So the little things do matter

All these small human interactions are what oils the wheels of society.  It should not need to be something that one comments about however there are many service industry jobs where the people feel they are treated like minions and respond accordingly.

However in the papers recently are two shocking stories which show how badly things can go wrong in our screen based and isolating society.

The first is a student who was found in her university dormitory room having been dead for 2 months

The other story in the Times is even more shocking.  A 59 year old man was found dead in his flat having been dead for many years.  The last reported sighting was in 2011

So while I appreciate that you read my blog I wonder if I can inspire you with a version of the saying by Rollo May.

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing     

So go out and say hello to some of the people you meet.



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