Those who know their literature and films will know about Brighton Rock- a novel written by Graham Greene.  My photographs of Brighton show that its not only in books that the place rocks


IMG_9910 (1)

Wild seas 

IMG_9931 (1)

Free sunbeds for those who brave the weather

IMG_2086 (1)

Those odd stones in patterns on the beach  was a message-that we did not see

IMG_9947 (1)

In the marina that evening all seemed normal enough

IMG_9951 (1)

The old West Pier was ghostly reminder of times past

IMG_9956 (1)

Then all these columns with lights on

IMG_9960 (1)

Having the light columns and the old West Pier suggested something was up

IMG_9950 (1)

Sure enough there appeared this tower of lights looking as if it was about to come down to earth and rotate.


Then it all merges off into the distance.

IMG_9952 (1)

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