Photography-World War 2 Museum Gdansk-More details

Since writing the article I have found the following book review in the Telegraph

It discusses in detail how the story of that first phase of World War 2 was full of misinformation


The other part of the museum for which I decided not to take any pictures is located next to a large sign with word TERROR in large letters.


Goebbels writes about Jewish Problem 1941

Behind it is a cattle wagon- of the type that would have been used to transport Jews and others to the concentration camps and to their deaths.

The museum does also feature a few photographs of the lives of those who were camp guards.  Those inside were deprived of their possessions, money and clothes and hair.  In effect they were changed into a non-human.  The museum shows that on the contrary the camp staff had a “relatively normal” life.

The museum shows that these places had developed processes for industrialised institutionalised killing.  There were guards administrators and others involved in this process down to the train drivers guards and railway staff.

One cannot imagine how that innocent conversation between a grandchild and  an involved grandparent would go ” What did you do in the war grand-dad?”


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