Photography-Brighton-12 October

It is always important to look back through history to give one an understanding of the present.  One of the most notable events was the IRA’s attempt on 12 October 1984 to blow up the Grand Hotel Brighton. This at a time when the Conservative party members including Margaret Thatcher the PM were staying there,

5 People were killed and 34 injured.

This was one of many such atrocities during that period and these still colour politics to this day.  The importance or the Good Friday peace agreement is mentioned frequently in the context of the Brexit negotiations.

Remarkably however in 1984 the conference opened as scheduled at 0930 at the Brighton Conference Centre located next door.

As we visited Brighton just recently I wanted to see the Grand Hotel again.  There are plenty who remember the gaping hole that occupied the front of the building

Here is a shot by dusk of the hotel

IMG_9963 (1)

The West Pier is also included in these photographs as it’s located close by. It was damaged by a huge storm in December 2002.  This was followed an arson attack on 28th March 2003 and the Concert Hall was further targeted in another arson attack on 11 May 2003.  At this point it was considered beyond repair.

IMG_9958 (1)

I hope that this piece will encourage you to consider what has been done in the past to obtain a particular political objective.

In the present political situation I hope that the damage done both to people and buildings will make us all consider very carefully whether any end justifies such means.


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