Photography-“When the lights go on again……”

Apologies for the reblog but it seems my editor missed something in the original post.  So corrections have been made.  After all the chances of seeing Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover in late over October is just about the same as a Brexit deal by 31 October 2019.  Just possible but the odds are against it.

It was only meant to be a lunch time coffee but somehow so much came to mind.

First the place was in darkness.

IMG_4068 (2).JPG

But in that indomitable way the staff were carrying on with Torches on their foreheads.  The cafe was a little dark and gloomy but the essentials were still available.


Having grown up in the 1970s  era I well remember the 3 day week and the rolling power cuts.  These were imposed between 1st January and 7th March 1974 as the conservative parties response to the miners strike.  They were trying to conserve coal stocks which was the main fuel for electricity then.

The Conservative Prime Minister of the day Edward Heath called a snap election in February 1974 under the slogan ” Who governs Britain” and they promptly lost 28 seats and ended up with 297 seat as opposed to Labours 301.  The Liberals got 14 seats.

One of the interesting topics of the election was that Enoch Powell a conservative MP was a speech he gave on 23/2/1974 when he apparently said  “remain a democratic nation … or whether it will become one province in a new Europe super-state”.  Strange how the conversation keeps going around and around.

See Wikepedia

So we drank our coffee and put the cups away. As we were going to leave it was the Oxfam carrier bag that put it all into perspective.

Syria is the middle of a civil war between the Turks, Kurds and Syria troops with Russian backing.   The Oxfam appeal gives a whole different perspective to a short term power outage even if it did go on for 3 months in 1974.  See the Oxfam appeal and have a look at the BBC news for a current update.

Do you want to finish reading this piece on a partially relevant and uplifting note?

Well we went to the supermarket and saw the following.  Which indicate that preparations for 31 October 2019 are well advanced.

However I suggest switch your attention to Vera Lynn with her famous song which conveys the need for us to Keep Calm and Carry On

“When the lights go on again all over the world”

Let us count our blessings and be inspired whilst remembering that history is being made day by day.

PS are editors supposed to spot such errors?

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