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That  old question,  Monday morning again and the need to be motivated.  Well, being retired there is suddenly an enjoyable week ahead of you.  However what if you were considering retirement and only aged 30.  That was one of the facts that came from a recent full page article in The Daily Telegraph- I know, with more time these days I can spare the time to read such things.  The subject was Gareth Bale-  he’s currently at Real Madrid and aged 30 and may retire soon.  Although  his first significant game was when age 16 he helping his schools under 18 football team to win the Cardiff and Vale senior cup.

So what does that have to do with who those of us who are old enough to be his father- possibly even his grandfather.

Well according to the article one of Gareth Bales  retirement plans is to set up a gym that specialised in rowing.  see


IMG_3469.jpgBy chance my fitness routine that Monday morning had been to go and cover another 5km.  In fact the session was sufficiently motivating  that I tried a second 5km.  They always say that pride come before a let down.  Sure enough my time for the second 5km was distinctly slower.  And then I could log in at

By way of compensation though I was pleased to see that I had passed one of those intermediate milestones they have for lifetime metres rowed.   Only another xxxxxx meters to go to the next major milestone! Just got to keep on rowing.

Rowing is not the only way to keep fit however.  On a recent shopping trip is was a large  shop dedicated to Peleton- static bikes with screens and full electronic monitoring of effort heart rate etc.  This is the on-line cycling group that is gaining in  popularity.

The bikes were sleek and looked like a good motivation.  The bike costs are significant and to follow the online classes there is a monthly fee.  Several subjects have enrolled and posted their experiences on You Tube.  Interestingly the first one I watched showed that the subject lost both fat and muscle over the a 2 week program.  He did seem to enjoy it which was motivating.

This does seem to be a growing style for fitness.  A little while back I wrote about the interactive programmes for running on the Life Fitness treadmill.  Without leaving the local gym you could run a route in several locations around the world.  And even more intriguing if you ran fast enough you could overtake your fellow runners and even make them disappear!  See Fitness-running the distance

The advantage of rowing on a Concept2 rower in the gym is that this is a whole body exercise routine and currently there is no monthly fee or set timings.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the appearance of rowbots 

One thing for sure, having had such a successful sporting career so far, Gareth Bale will have lot of possible answers to the most difficult of question for those retired.

“What do you do these days-now that you’re retired”- if only to say he goes rowing.

Enjoy your retirement, at what ever age, and hope to see you logging your lifetime meters on the Concept 2 logbook.  Just bear in mind however that it has taken me a long time to get to these totals, so please be thoughtful.

I in the meantime will continue to try and remain fit, by rowing in retirement.



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