Iraq 2003- Imperial War Museum

This is the second part of a piece written about the Invasion of Iraq in 2003.  The first tells the story of Katherine Gunn who acted as whistle blower and released a memo showing how the Government was trying to influence the debate in the UN about the possible invasion

The Imperial War Museum London tries to cover all wars from World War 1 to the present day.

They show twisted pieces of metal from the World Trade Towers which were attacked in the infamous attack of 9/11 In September 2001. IMG_0477.JPG

This lead to the War on Terror and the concern that Iraq under Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

There is a mural from Iraq which showed Saddam


There is also a very telling exhibit to those UK Soldiers who went out to the War in Iraq

They were sent out in lightly armoured Land Drover Snatch Wagons and these offered little protection. Sadly quite a few were killed as a result.


There was also a whole exhibit to those who had been killed IMG_0463


In these cases are sheets of postage stamps with the portraits of all those service personnel who were killed in Iraq.  Royal Mail has not been allowed to release these. Copyright and paying respects mean that I also cannot show their pictures directly

It was only in 2017 that the Secretary of State for Defence apologised to the families for the use of Snatch Land Rovers


As today is  Remembrance Day 11/11/19 then one can only hope that the all those affected will be remembered for their sacrifice

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