Books, Dear Boy, Books

This is to rephrase that classic quote “Events dear boy Events”, from the MacMillan era after the invasion of Suez in 1956.  There is much debate as to who actually said this first.  Despite that uncertainty in the interim it has become folk lore.

The other is that actors should avoid working with children and animals.  And for politicians to avoid meeting the great British public.  Witness Brenda from Bristol who became a star with “No, Not another one” in 2015.

Well the latest addition to the areas for politicians to avoid should be bookshops.

The first set of books is fairly benign

Book titles IMG_0756 - Copy.JPG

However we need to identify those new types of electors.  A Sloth, Flamingo, Llama or Mermaid.  Things have moved on from the Mondeo Man and White Van Man of past elections.  Quite clear that current issues are central with Brexit, Climate Change and Plastic in the Environment.  Good to see however  that two world leaders seem quite relaxed about the current issues

Other photos are not so easy on the political classes


Book titles 2 IMG_0755 - CopyImages for Blog IMG_2728



Then there are other even more critical arrangement of titles

Book titles 3 RHAG9472 - CopyBook titles for blog IMG_4200

As they say, a democratic society is dependent on a lively debate and an engaged electorate.  Not sure if these book titles add to that or merely reflect opinions of certain sectors of society.

The clear message to all is-make it your duty to be well informed and to go and cast your vote.  Historically many have fought and died to establish our society and the role of democracy.

Whilst we may not agree with them, our elected MP however should not have to suffer abuse and threats.  That way will lead to only a select and potentially biased collection of people becoming MP’s.

We look forward to the result with profound interest.

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