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The election on 12 December 2019 is correctly dominating debate in the UK.  A recent visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum included many exhibits that can be interpreted through the same kaleidoscope of events

Firstly the politicians and broadcasters target the typical voter- the family man with a wife and child.


They do not seem to recognise however that there is no such thing as a stereotypical voterIMG_1468IMG_1467IMG_1469

They are aware that the young voters are a critical group to court for votes.  This is  particularly so with the potential issues of Brexit and the possible changes that will result on our economy



The old strategy of Strong and Stable leadership was very much the theme of 2017 and sure enough there was a statue to confirm this


Just to be up to the minute however the statue seems to show that the legs have been chopped of this policy and it is now (h)armless! Politics is so changeable with what is the slogan of the day.

Then we hear of


Conservatives who promise

  • 50,000 extra nurses to be recruited
  • 50 million extra GP appointments a year
  • £34 billion extra funding a year for NHS
  • Cross-party agreement sought to solve social care crisis
  • 40 new hospitals
  • Free hospital parking for selected patients and staff


  • Spending across health sector to rise by average of 4.3% per year
  • Process of NHS privatisation to be reversed
  • Moratorium on bed cuts
  • £1.6 billion a year for mental health care
  • Extra £1 billion for public health, including 4,500 more health visitors and school nurses
  • State-controlled generic drug company to produce own drugs if private versions too expensive for NHS
  • Free personal care for the elderly
  • Free annual NHS dental check ups
  • Free hospital parking for patients, staff and visitors


For more details see /

For some reason there was no clear explanation of where the new recruits would be found or how they would be paid for.  So my eyes glazed over and whilst I was day dreaming my thoughts drifted to the story of the Emperors New Clothes

And when I opened my eyes there was a copy of the statue of David dressed just like the Emperor.


Just hope that the new MPs and those who are to be recruited to the NHS don’t have to pass the same recruitment tests.

The media have also been debating the various methods of tactical voting and here the museum was not to be outdone.

They had a wonderful depiction of the dilemma’s of choosing who to vote for.  And also a depiction of how fickle the voting public can be



This does not mean that there are serious issues that need to be resolved and the museum sculptures were again “right on message”.

This is the matter of violence in our society and a record breaking 136 murders so far in London during 2019.



Museum Security have a hard job to keep control in such circumstances.  Let alone being lectured by the sculptures.  



This violence and resulting deaths leads to the young carrying knifes to protect themselves.



As this adds up to either a massive of task for spinning to the electorate and nowadays there is social media, news papers not just The Daily Discus news feed.  And even in those times the building was needing some repair work done.


All so we can decide whose finger is on the button



Frankly it seems a Herculean task to me.  One ends up wondering which of the many promises  they have made can be achieved or who to believe.



Just hope that this does not put you off voting.

We all pay for it in the end whatever sort of system  or species of Magic Money Tree you like.

A democracy only works when Demos – the common people of an ancient Greek state or ordinary people collectively  get involved

Just outside the Victoria and Albert Museum is a memorial that shows how badly things can go wrong when democracy fails.

It is a memorial to the many thousands who came as refugees to the UK during World War 2.  They were forced to return to Eastern European States after the war and a large number perished.



There is a particularly sad additional dedication.  It explains how the sculpture was vandalised by those who did not wish the fate of those who were repatriated to Eastern Block countries to be reported.


May those of us who have been blessed by living in a Democracy give thanks and recognise that the same systems and safeguards do not apply in every country.








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  1. Great post. Hope all goes well in the election, that the parties have not lied (too much) to the people, that they do what is right for the people and the country and that things work out for the best. I fear that all those who are hoping that leaving the EU will make things the way they were 40 years ago are sure to be disappointed. Happy voting. Allan

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