Fitness-James Bond-a lesson for all

I have just heard that the new James Bond the 25th is going to be called No time to die.  When one gets on a bit then such a title has uncomfortable resonance.

I have been rehearsing my lines “Bond, James Bond” but somehow it does quite come out right.

I have even tried the “Martini shaken not stirred with lemon peel” and certainly the real thing does bring a certain rosy glow to the world at least for a while.  Unlike James Bond however if I have several on the same evening then there is a certain challenge to the next morning- I’ll have to make enquiries into what I’m doing wrong.

IMG_0812 Sadly even my lemon shows that effect of age.  And as we had no Martini in the house I had to improvise- by the nature of a rehearsal, for the real thing, I should explain.

So James Bond- at least according to the film titles knows a thing or two about this matter of death.  Think

  • 1967 You Only live twice
  • 1973 Live and Let die
  • 2002 Die another day
  • 2020 No time to die

So what can we mere mortals do about that.  Well his fast pace around the world is certainly noteworthy


So finances permitting I will try and follow that idea.  That will promptly cause for me to be followed by SMERSH (Skillful Management  Earth Resources to Save Humanity), ie climate change avoidance. Not sure what it would be like if the stories were based by the sea in Clapton or Bognor instead of Caribbean and Bali

Not sure what regime that would mean in a UK beach resort, perhaps to survive where the weather is not tropical but wet and cold.  But from all the films I’ve seen James Bond normally has multiple assignments in tropical beach resorts.

I’ve even tried to look out for those classic Blue trunks worn by Daniel Craig as he walked out of the sea.

From the web I gather that the originals sold for £44,450, so a little out of my budget.

It would mean that jet lag would not be an issue but then he doesn’t seem to suffer from jet lag either so.  There was I hoping that if I could get the recipe for a jet lag remedy I would be on a certain Moneypenny winner.

However I did see how much effort was put in my Bond at passing those fitness tests.

I will work on my treadmill running, sit ups, and pull ups.  That will be my New Year Resolution-if I can get into the gym that is with all those others who have copied my ideas.  Our local gym is running an exercise class called Body Combat, I wonder if James Bond had enrolled because of all those fights he’s in.

So there it is then.   If you want to Only Live Twice, Live and Let die,  Die Another Day or wait for 2020 which is No Time To Die, the trick is

  • to drink martini,
  • travel extensively,
  • go swimming in the sea and
  • work hard on your fitness.  

In researching fitness methods in the Military I found Yomping.  And a location where that could occur even down to a local brewery which makes very suitable beer for refreshment afterwards.

Cerne Abbas beer uses a local landscape feature that seems well suited to the role that James Bond also follows.


As James Bond is a Martini drinker I went and researched Martini glasses- here are I few I found


The standard size, and then the James Bond specials.  High levels of fitness are required to lift these.

Useful links

There was one last item, supplied by Goldfinger no doubt



So there you have a quick briefing- this will need to be passed on to those who have the correct password.  “Bond, James Bond!”

Enjoy what time you have and hope that Its No Time To Die – just yet.

However do remember the quote from Clive James the film critic who said

 “Fiction is life with the dull bits left out”



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