Its only 9 days to go till 25th December and the preparations are getting very intense.

During a recent visited London there was an opportunity to take a few photos.

First the West End




Bond Street



These are views of St Paul’s Cathedral


The front of  St Paul’s.

Although it looks like a ghost leaving the Cathedral I have to say its more likely to be a rain drop on my lens.


A statue to remember the firemen who fought the fire that threatened St Paul’s during World War 2 on 29-30 December 1940-  Nearly 80 years ago.



A view along the Thames by night.IMG_1534IMG_1531.JPG

A final sad reminder.  Just 8 days  later and about a 100 m away from this location was the latest terrorist attack at London Bridge.  Very sadly 2 people at the start of their careers lost their lives in that event.

All of us need to give Solemn Thanks for their brave actions  and recognise that the days we take for granted may not last as long as we expect.

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  1. 2019 was the first year ever in which I didn’t visit London for the Christmas lights, so thank you for showing me how much I did miss. Lovely pictures and you photographed just what I would have done.

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