Photography-Christmas Wisley

The Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley put on a special show for Christmas.  These are some photographs from their glass house.


But it is not all Poinsettia arranged as Christmas trees.

Various Animals have also been asked to help



Even with animals it seems there are those who do the work and those who look on ready to help but hope that call will never come.


There are also the mice who help with tending the plants


To complete the seasonal images was a little Robin hopping around inside the glass house.  As you can see he was quite tame and very much at home


And it is clear why he was so at ease.  So before we get too  full of ourselves the following sign showed that other creatures can be smart too.


So enjoy your Christmas and hope that the preparations go smoothly.

In the end its a very important religious festival and the people are what matter.

I’m not sure if your remember the Good Life on the BBC but if not then follow the link below.




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