Climate change

Photography-Blue,Red to Green

We live in strange times- quite rightly we are concerned about global warming and the resulting climate change.  Yet despite that we say one thing and do the other

At this time of year its cold and some years we get snow.


So far this year its been wet not cold


So I find it hard to understand why the local shops want to keep their doors open.

This gift store is quite open about it with a sign ” We are open” but with the door left open to emphasise the fact


Then there is the bank, also with a door left open- they must know a thing or two about managing money.  So I don’t  understand why they want to leave the door open and so all that heat goes to waste.


Just as I was taking the photo there was a van passing with a very useful name “Easy Heat” is that for the bank, the street or the environment?


Then there is the gift shop “Between the Lines” personally I think that the bottom line for “Between the Lines” is that they are wasting their hard earned profits. Keeping their doors open means that expensive heat goes out to waste.


Another apt name for a shop wasting that precious heat is called Poundland- that saying “Penny wise -pound foolish” might well be all too appropriate

Then another shop name is also very apt – its called “Joules”- for those who don’t know but a Joule is a metric measure of energy.  Once again they have chosen to leave the door open and so all that energy goes to waste.


I do wander what shops are thinking by leaving their doors open.  We hear plenty about how hard the business is on the high street.  Yet they are happy to waste some of those hard earned profits to warm the shop and the street outside.

So if the weather is cold BLUE and they want to avoid going into the RED then choosing to close the door to the street would save them money.  All that customer needs to do is be prepared to push on the door and this would be one small step toward saving the planet.  We could all  go GREEN.  After all there is plenty of push from various protest groups about the issue.  These small changes would take very little effort but would be  win win for shops consumers and the environment.

However we do have a strange approach.  They plan a UN world conference about climate change which means flying thousands of delegates.  The last one was for 2 weeks in Madrid.  Whilst progress may be being made, the environmental effect of all those flights does emphasis our mixed standards.
We also get Television Correspondents being flown to the Arctic to see the ice-fields melting.

We also seem skilled at ignoring how our own flights are in direct contrast to avoiding increased carbon emissions and resulting  climate change.

So when you next go to the shop in your large SUV ( Chelsea tractor is the short hand term in London- the roads so need a 4 wheel drive in central London!) to drive that short distance spare a moment to consider if we are being entirely sensible on the issue of climate change.  We do still all want to fly away on that 2 week holiday in the sun.

So when its cold and BLUE

Save going into the RED by wasting the precious energy

Close the doors, and walk and go GREEN instead.

One final example amongst the many is that the coffee chain Nero also had its door open to loose all that heat.  IMG_4361.JPG

Perhaps the story that the Emperor Nero fiddled whilst Rome burnt has a different meaning after all


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    • Thank you for your message. I wanted to reply quickly so I approved it from my phone. Back at my laptop I can now give a fuller reply
      First I can only say how distressing are the news stories about the fires in Australia. I hope that you and your family have not been directly affected
      The other point is that if people are serious about tackling climate change then we need to look at so many of our day to day activities. Having shop doors open in winter is just the simplest example.
      What line will we all take when the items that we buy and dispose of after use need to be rationed/stopped.
      Furthermore what will we say about our rights? to travel where we like, when we like!
      Or that rationing of electricity to limit global heating will result in limited access to the world web!
      Society does need to start discussing these issues.

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