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Photography-Blue focus

6 Shots of the same flower from the same view point- just changing the focus. See how this changes everything, with the spiders web and flower appearing and disappearing as the focus is changed. Life can be like that. A change of focus can change everything- including revealing […]

Photography- 8 Woodland Vista

It sounds like an address doesn’t it, and frankly if my garden had some of these vistas I’d be more than happy Can you feel the zen mood from these tranquil scenes. In case you need the associated bird songs then follow this link Then there are […]

Photography-Sitting Outdoors

A Greek beach resort has the advantage of the sea nearby. The weather is not guaranteed however Cornwall has some interesting places to sit as well Below are some deckchairs seen outside Agatha Christie’s summer home, Greenways. First there were four, then one then none. Does Poirot need […]