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Inspire-Brexit-Don’t panic

It was meant to be a routine shop. Step 1 Order a copy of David Cameron’s book.  I wanted to understand how the country  got into this situation https://www.waterstones.com/book/for-the-record/david-cameron/9781785176593 2 Get milk and other essentials. 3 Noticed that the store was down to last jar of Mango Chutney […]

Inspire-Blog/…..ology- Its now official

There was an earlier post celebrating the achievement of  getting an …….ology.  I wonder if the same applies to Blogging.  Obviously the term blogology is not in everyday use although there was an article about it in 2002. http://www.wordyard.com/2002/07/24/blogology/   However the principles behind blogging are perhaps what […]

Fitness-Rowing- Setting targets

Are you trying to get to that fitness goal? You may have seen my earlier post about reaching a particular target distance on the Concept 2 rowing machine log https://log.concept2.com/login Well I’m still working on it and now have another target to reach.  I was pleased to manage […]

History-Events, dear boy Events

If you have not seen it, I would recommend the BBC 2 Programme about events in Europe.  See Monday BBC 2 at 21.00 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00084td I am not a historian so I hope that I have followed correctly all the various steps and crises as described in the BBC […]


I am aware that Brexit is becoming a very divisive topic. The development today that the Houses of Parliament are to be suspended have resulted in a marked increase in the debate https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-49495757 Just a few days ago I was on a bus in Whitehall and the pictures […]

Photography-Asset Strippers

This is a very telling exhibition staged at Tate Britain. Here are some of my pictures They show an era where things were made to high quality on machine tools. Or fabrics woven and created. It is worth looking at the Manufacturers names and particularly their cities which […]